We can use this page (and it's discussion tab) for planning, curriculum connections and scheduling:

Activity Idea 1:

Carrie suggested seasons- that way they can compare the seasons from Canada to Thiland -not much variety in BKK I imagine :) So the next ASM thread will be around the theme of fall/autumn.

Here is an idea-
I have been thinking about how to give the kids a sense of place beyond just location on the map.
I was thinking about a sort of "scavenger hunt" where we could all have a list of items to either draw, have the kinderkids photograph or get photos from somewhere else or (most likely) a combination. Then each student could comment on one of more of the pictures as a way to share a little about our locations.
some ideas to start:
a body of water where you live
common things people eat for lunch at your school
your classroom
a tree that is common where you live
something unique or interesting at your school
something unique or interesting in your city/town

What do you all think? Let me know if you think this is too much for K. I think it would be fun and could be added to as the year progresses and we think of more.

I like the idea about something unique or interesting in our city/town--Donna