Students wrote these How-To Books before spring break. We're just getting these books online now.
Only one picture is shown for each; the pictures of the handwritten pages are too faint. Enjoy!

1/19/10 We made this VoiceThread about Snow Play after a recent Snow Day.
We recorded the sounds separately and uploaded them after to try to make this a little more listenable.
Our art teacher is willing to help guide the students in making their pictures next time.

We made this VoiceThread in an afternoon SK computer class. Hopefully we can extend our thinking a little this week.
Kids know that holidays mean more than presents, but gift-receiving is an almost over-powering experience.

Our JK-12 school has two sections of senior kindergarten, SKA and SKB. There are nineteen students in each class.
We live in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States.
We look forward to making new friends all around the world!

Thank you for commenting on our VoiceThread. It was fun listening to you, we like the same things!

We live on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Here is a picture of us at Menemsha. The islands in the picture are the Elizabeth Islands.

West Tisbury School's Kindergarten