Welcome to the International School Bangkok in Thailand!

Our Kindergarten ELL children have been working with familiar stories to focus on story elements such as characters, setting, problem and solution. Listen to the children tell about their favorite fairy tale characters.

Our fifth grade reading buddies helped us make paper mache bowls for science. They also helped us record our voices onto a VoiceThread.

Our Kindergarten English language learners read Go Away Big Green Monster, by Ed Emberley. The children created their own monsters and story retells using the framework from the book. Listen to each of our language learning friends describe their monster.

Here is a VoiceThread sharing our class celebration of Loy Krathong, a very special Thai celebration:

Here is a VoiceThread project created by Kindergarten English language learners. Listen as they share what languages their pets and animals speak:

Here is our first VoiceThread introductions. We used our drawing skills to draw a self portrait by hand and on the computer using KidPix!